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Client Focus: COMMERCIAL

Rick took on a powder-coating unit with the vision of turning it into a bonafide, custom-car restoration shop. He had lots of ideas on how to make it a success but he asked me to help with some guidance from a branding & marketing perspective. He already had a logo and a website, but he wanted to be able to showcase his work in the best possible ways.

Why not check his website out for yourself? From concept, branding, marketing, photography, videography, retouching, post production, graphic design, website development and aftercare. All done in-house.

Screen Shot 2023-09-17 at 14.44.36.png


It can seem daunting to start out with a website like the one on the left and ultimately aim to have the finished article like the one on the right, but it starts with creating the right type of content; something that is eye-catching, tells the story of what you do and shows off your hard work in the best possible light.


It's actually really straightforward.

Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 14.48.01.png

Building the brand

You can't build a brand out of nothing, there has to be substance to it. The ultimate aim was to establish who Rick was and what he wanted Ravenworks to be, but the first step was to build on the hard work he had already put in.

We felt that the best way to do with this was to engage with the local community, opening the doors to the public and showing them that Ravenworks was a new business that could take care of their automotive needs. It's important to note that Rick had already done this the year before, so by covering the open day with stills content we could establish a tradition for the event going forward.


The same, but different

The next step was to work with methods that Rick had found successful in the past - short-term offers designed to hook customers quickly. The aim was to produce a series of high-quality, seasonal content with which Rick could populate his social media channels. Rick said the offers usually take around a month to fill the order sheet, so thats we agreed to - stills and video content that spanned 4 weeks.

I noticed after the first week that Rick hadn't used the second image in the stack, so I called him to see if everything was OK. The order sheet was already full and he couldn't take on any more wheels.


With established work being taken care of, it was time to start working towards the more complex work Rick wanted to undertake. With a car in the shop, I covered the build of the car with stills & video content. The aim was to document the build, create engaging content for social across multiple channels and ultimately to produce part of a new banner video for when the website went live.



The video set to prove that Rick was capable of more than just refurbishing wheels. The content related directly to Ricks' perception of his own brand, giving him content that he could stand proudly behind. It also hinted at Ricks secret weapon - his network of friends who could tune/dyno engines, build exhausts and produce media content of it.

In terms of success you can reach out and touch, the unique visitors sky-rocketed. The average time spent on the website went from 8 seconds to 4 minutes and there was a tangible click-through rate to Ricks social media channels, followed by growth there too.



Like the business, the brand should evolve and grow over time. With Ravenworks well on it's way to being an established local speed shop, it was time to get playful with the branding. 

Accelerate-12 (1).jpg

build it and they will come

With all these steps now in place, it was a case of solidifying Ricks position and attracting customers in. It didn't take long.


rinse & repeat

Consistency is the key. Once people think they know what to expect from you, you can continue to settle back into the routine of working hard as before, creating content along the way, engaging with customers and providing an aftercare service.

Good content doesn't define a good business, but it will show what you can do to the World.

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