What's it all about?

Ultimately, it's about you.

Online sales as a percentage of the market are increasing every year - in 2019 that figure was almost 20%. Many businesses are showing increases in online sales of over 600% as people find more convenient ways to buy their goods. It is a rapidly expanding and incredibly lucrative market. In the automotive sector, almost 90% of potential buyers conduct an online search of the car they want to buy first. In many cases, over 99% of car-sales leads can be traced through their online business.


So where do you fit in? How do you stand out?

It starts with a conversation. A consultation that will aim to identify where your business needs lie and how we can work effectively towards fulfilling them. The overall aim is to provide an appropriate level of service within your budget.

You are your brand.

Your website is your shop window.

Where do we start?


In short, what we shoot and how we shoot it. This is where we weigh up what you want to achieve against what can be achieved within your budget, working effectively to satisfy both. 

Creative problem solving

This stage is about gathering the raw materials we will need to create a suite of assets for your business.

What next?


You might be surprised at just how much detail the camera actually picks up. That can be a great thing, but it will also highlight those little bits you might rather customers didn't see. Dirt or dust in hard-to-reach areas, imperfections in factory paint, supermarket dings in the panels. It could be that you're waiting on getting these bits fixed, but your customer deadline is getting closer...

This is the part which provides the most versatility, allowing the creation of multiple different images from one set and giving the ability to be published across different layouts and mediums. Its the bit that allows you to highlight your attention to detail and really show off your product.


Your product and aftercare

You've got the images, but do you know what to do with them? 

This is where you refine your brand identity and you are limited only by your own imagination. Whether you want your images online or in print, on your phone or on a billboard - you will be given the best advice and follow-up support.

Is it expensive?

With fixed day rates it doesn't need to be, any budget can be catered for. Any work will be factored into these rates so that quotes can be more accurately given.

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